About Us

We help people across the West Midlands to step up and tackle the big changes facing our health and care system by developing compassionate, inclusive leaders, and the conditions for continuous improvement through great leadership. We offer a wealth of programmes, tools, expertise and inspiration for all who work in the health and care system, giving talented people in every kind of role the clarity, confidence and support they need to fulfil their potential as leaders. We also equip those who lead to work together in developing their organisations, while gaining the particular skills and knowledge needed to transform local health and care systems. Our bespoke approach is designed for the complexity and uncertainty our stakeholders face, enabling us to make a real, practical difference across a great variety of situations whether for a city-based unit after surgery or a general practice in rural Hereford. We begin by talking to stakeholders to understand the particular challenges and opportunities, then we work in partnership with stakeholders to co-create precise interventions. Our associate model enables us to bring in the right expertise for each situation, maximising the potential of consultancy talent within the NHS, while using external specialists where it counts. We provide our NHS associates with high-quality training an investment that in turn benefits the wider system. By engaging patients and members of the local community as associates we’re helping to build a sustainable, inclusive culture of improvement across the West Midlands. Leadership is about getting everyone working together at their best, and we take every opportunity to reach out, collaborate and champion inclusion by:

  • Co-designing organisational development (OD) tools with regional Sustainable Transformation Partnerships
  • Learning from stakeholders through our webinars and Big Leadership Conversations
  • Championing inclusive cultures through our Forward Thinking Leadership programme
  • Working with patients, citizens and local authorities on integrated care priorities
  • Bringing together medical, clinical and managerial leaders on our Triumvirate programme
  • Providing high-quality inclusive learning experiences through our acclaimed e-learning suite

We have a strong team spirit, and inclusive leadership is evident in the diverse mix of people on our advisory groups. We work with colleagues across the UK as part of the NHS Leadership Academy network, transferring knowledge, sharing experience and learning together, while always looking ahead, anticipating change and responding proactively. Our experience and results show that by all working together, we can achieve the conditions for continuous improvement in care for people, population health and value for money that will secure the future of our National Health Service.