Talent Management

“Talent management is in many ways, an unhelpful phrase. Talent management is about people, and in context of the NHS what we’re talking about here is both our staff and our patients. For our staff it means we’re supporting them all to fulfil their potential. That might be to become a future chief executive, or it might just be to do a really great job where they are. There’s something very fundamental in the NHS constitution about how we look after our people and the contract we have with them as an employer – we have an obligation to support and enable our staff to do the best in their careers that they can. From a patient perspective, what we’re talking about here is the impact that really good staff engagement has on patient care. If we want staff to be engaged, we need to make sure that they’re properly supported to fulfil their potential, to have meaning at work, and to be properly supported in terms of their development and progression.”

Martin Hancock
Director of Talent Management, NHS Leadership Academy 

The tools have been designed by the Leadership Academy in collaboration with Local Leadership Academies (LLAs) and NHS stakeholders.They are part of an inclusive national approach to talent management for all NHS staff, considering the potential and value they bring to their current roles as well as reaching and maximising their future potential in the NHS. They may also be used to complement wider talent management tools available to your organisation. You can access the tool here.