Maximising your Leadership Potential

At West Midlands Leadership Academy we offer a blended approach to leadership development opportunities as we appreciate not all staff can access face to face sessions so please visit the site below for further personal development opportunities.

Our Leadership Learning Zone offers a variety of e-learning modules please see list below. You can access the eLearning site here:

Access the Healthcare Leadership Model 360 degree feedback tool. The 360 degree feedback is a powerful tool to help individuals identify where their leadership strengths and development needs lie regardless of job role. The process includes getting confidential feedback from line managers, peers and direct reports (if applicable). As a result, it gives an individual an insight into other people’s perceptions of their leadership abilities and behaviour.

We also offer a suite of psychometric tools as part of our leadership interventions. These include DiSC, Belbin, MBTi and Insights. If you are interested please contact us for more info.