Emerging Leaders Network

The emerging leaders network is for anyone with a passion for leadership development, who may feel they have not had access to leadership development opportunities and can offer a vast array of different generational experiences to help shape leadership priorities across the West Midlands for the future. The network provides a great opportunity to gain exposure to new people, nurture leaders across the health and care system and establish a more diverse and inclusive approach to talent.

Aligned to our emerging leaders network is the work we do with local universities with interns. We are now in our successful second year. People may seem to think of emerging leaders as being part of a younger generation, but we want to challenge this belief by asking people to engage with this network if leadership is new to your role. This can be at any point of your life/career as a NHS doctor, GP, healthcare assistant, allied health professional and administrator etc.

If you are interested in joining the Emerging Leaders Network please contact us.