Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are one of the key approaches which aims to support leadership development. Coaching and mentoring are often perceived as the single most effective development opportunity that a leader in the NHS can access. Through our coaching network we have developed our local coaching and mentoring strategy aligned to the national work underway.  A diverse range of stakeholders attend the coaching and mentoring network, and all whom share a passion for making a difference to our health and care system through a coaching and mentoring approach.

Research tells us that by encouraging a coaching culture to thrive, staff feel empowered, motivated, engaged and coaching experience increased personal well-being.  This in turn can positively impact organisational performance through a focus on enhancement of skills, behaviours and attitudes linked to high quality care for our population. 

Coaching and mentoring therefore have a key role within our local health and social care economy.  Coaching principles and compassionate, open and honest relationships are the bedrock of behaviours from which our staff will develop their confidence to deal with increasingly complex issues and integrated cross sector working patterns.  We therefore need to continually build capacity and capability in these skills and thread it through all that we do.  

This vision is achieved by encouraging everyday coaching conversations to occur and at the same time increasing capacity and capability for people to access more formal coaching and mentoring interventions. This will encourage inclusive and compassionate leadership to flourish at all levels of the health and care system.

Inclusive Coaching and Mentoring offers are available to support staff across the West Midlands to discuss, explore and challenge themselves on a variety of topics. Access this service at Contact us to be part of the coaching and mentoring network or for more information.